Reasons Why Flyer Printing and Flyer Distribution are Very Common in Singapore

Marketing and advertising are always part of a company, both small and big businesses. Singapore is one of the many countries that showed massive growth in the corporate world and proved that marketing is just as important as the other operational activities of a business. With this, flyer printing and flyer distribution methods not only created a positive impact in the business environment but at the same time revolutionized how people’s thought about printing.

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Well, whatever types of industry a company or brand belongs to in Singapore, both big and small, are all making use of the flyer technique to inform people, create promotional events, or expand their business. Many printing companies today are developing their flyer printing method by making producing modern versions that are perfect for the current needs of a business.


  • But there are other factors why printing and distribution of flyers are now becoming the most satisfactory marketing tool ever. The following details are a list of reasons why this method has become very common today in Singapore.


  • The affordability factor – businesses need to survive in their industry to stay competitive, and the high inflation costs are not making that easy, which is why many are looking for inexpensive ways of promoting their products and services to reach out to their customers. Flyers have become the best option, and its affordability has made it popular in the first place. Companies would naturally choose something easy and inexpensive to use. The use of flyers is an effective source of promotion.


  • The results are clear – commonly, humans get attracted to obvious things rather than hearsay. Flyers in Singapore showed exciting results, which is why it became the most adopted marketing and promotion tool there is. And because of this, it became a popular choice for business people.


  • Flyer distribution is effective – distribution of flyers is not just a simple activity in handing out the flyers, it is actually something that’s thought of or planned well before the campaign starts. In a lot of instances, companies are having second thoughts about getting good or bad results. Printing companies that offer flyer distribution have their ways of monitoring the overall performance of the campaign by using different methods such as GPRS tracking, SMS facility, pictures, etc. Planning also makes sure that the campaign will reach the target market.


  • The scope is wider – due to its affordable cost, you can invest more on the flyer distribution campaign. Business organizations in Singapore have already realized that it is extremely crucial to gain a wider network when it comes to promotional campaigns, and many are taking advantage of what flyers can do. With its continuing popularity, the use of flyers has become a strong medium of marketing and promotions.


You will be amazed by the many printing companies around Singapore offering similar services. But always go for the most skilled team when it comes to designing your flyer, the most affordable yet high-quality output, and the most capable in handling the distribution and monitoring campaign.



Why Are Flyers Still Important in Marketing?

Our technology has come a long way today, and the marketing methods have evolved too. But one thing is for sure, many think that flyers are old fashioned, but why is it still one of the top choices of marketing tools even until today?

Looking to Print flyers? Find out more here : Flyer Printing

Need tip before you decide to print? Find out here: Flyers Tips You Need to Know

Flyer printing and flyer distribution are crucial in marketing. It is a humble promotional tool that can keep up even with all the high tech modes of advertising.

Flyers work! And that is the reason why this tool has continued to exist for many centuries. It’s an effective way to send the message to your potential client. Are you thinking about printing your flyer? Below are the details of why it is still crucial in marketing.

• It fits the budget for businesses of all sizes – flyers are beloved because it is very cost-effective. You can build a website, yes, or pay for advertising space to place your tarpaulin or use other forms of advertising, but it’s a fact that the use of flyers has a higher return on investment!

Are you having doubts about designing the flyer on your own? Don’t worry, because printing companies have professional graphic artists that can help you with that at an affordable cost.

• High impact with low effort – it’s easy to target your potential directly and hand over your flyers to their hands. All you need to do is to know the exact location of where you see your potential market pass by or hang out. Once they receive your flyers, they might pin it on their fridges, encouraging promotion within their circle of family or friends.

The planning stage before the flyer distribution campaign runs, you must figure out where your audience is. Businesses like cafés, restaurants, gyms, and other institutions would be happy to connect you with your potential clients. You can also check the local spots, and all you need to do is to wait once the campaign starts to run.

However, one crucial thing you need to keep in mind is designing an an eye-catching and compelling flyer need proper planning with your team. Brainstorming will help bring out ideas to create your work of art!

• The flyer is a tangible thing that people also love – customers like it when they can see and touch it. People today are seeing a lot of online advertising, and at times, they question if they are legit or not. It’s rare nowadays to receive a high quality printed flyer.

It is now the perfect time to stand out from the crowd using the highest quality paper that fits your budget with a jaw-dropping design that will make your customer call your store right away!

• There is a personal touch emitted by flyers – it adds a personal touch to the message of your brand and giving it to your customers, and there’s an instant building of relationship once you hand them your flyers. If you see them keep your flyer in their pockets or bags, it means they will check it out again.

• It’s an eye-catching promotion – people read flyers, and that is why they are still important until today. Websites with many other cluttering ads can overlook your digital ad no matter how good it may be. And, let’s not forget the adblockers!

Many still appreciate the beauty of being in a café, reading a gorgeous and colorful flyer posted somewhere on a strategic location while waiting for their coffee.

Flyers Tips You Need to Know

Flyer printing is an effective method because of its affordability and the opportunity to maximize the effect when it comes to marketing and advertising through the right flyer design.

Flyer distribution has been around for a long time and the main reason is its affordability. Flyers have proven its adaptability most especially if you are using design techniques that work. To help you out, below is a list of flyer de sign tips that will help you achieve the results that you need.


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Read On to get an idea why you should go for traditional marketing: Reasons Why Flyer Printing and Flyer Distribution are Very Common in Singapore

• Attention Grabber
It’s an obvious tip but not everyone realizes its importance. Honestly, we see a lot of leaflets, posters, and other visual advertising tools and there’s something really special behind them why they grab our attention. Imagine the time that a flyer you held in your hand, gazed a second into it, turned your head or made you stop to look and place it in your bag or pocket. What made you decide to do that? Is there something different that caught your eye?
Use and enticing headline, a unique image or colors that match your marketing goals to help your flyer serve its purpose for your brand.

• Tell Everyone What’s Good About Your Brand
This is the most basic question in marketing and advertisers are aware of this to make sure that the flyer distribution campaign efforts won’t be a waste – “What’s in it for me?”
Your flyer should put the details about the benefits that your customer can enjoy is they buy your product or services. Remember, you are convincing your potential market to buy from you and choose you over all the other competitors in your industry, give them a compelling reason.

• Short, Snappy, and Straightforward
For you to establish that high impact, always keep in mind the purpose of the flyer when designing and putting texts in it. Don’t use flyers just to talk about the history of your business or whatnot. Your message should straight to the point, short, and precise.

• Branding is Key
Every effort you do for your business in marketing and advertising gives you the opportunity to boost your brand. The more people know your logo and name, the more credible your company becomes.

• A Call to Action is a MUST
Another obvious tip, but not all flyers are clear on what they want the reader to do after they read the details on the flyer. Your contact details and call to action like “visit us today,” “call now,” etc. should be crystal clear. People act once they are told what to do rather than just simply informing the location of your business.

There are many companies that can help you out when it comes to flyer production. They are professional and the prices are competitive too. You just have to make sure that you have your marketing goals set so that their team can discuss with you’re the designs and campaign strategy that works best for your brand. And, remember, flyer distribution is not a one-time thing, this a long term project that you want invest on.

Flyer Distribution Tips: How Will It Become Effective?

Flyer distribution Singapore may sound simple, but this kind of marketing strategy needs a bit of an effort in order to become successful. Making your flyers appeal to the customers won’t happen in an instant. You need some planning, exclusive layout, concise content and captivating images in order to achieve this.

A creative mindset is need in order to do your flyer marketing effectively. Keeping the flyers simple, short and brief, yet full with necessary information is the key. In addition, the audience should also find your flyers as fun, creative, polite, and friendly but professional.

Tips in Making flyer Distribution effective

Here are some tips and tricks in making your flyer distribution a success, hence, maximized revenue for your business:

Choose your target market

Knowing who your target market is is one of the factors of an effective flyer campaign. You don’t just hand out the flyers randomly. By handing out your flyers only to your target market, you are more likely to make a sale, rather than handing out those paper to random strangers of any age and gender. Never waste your time and effort on the wrong audience.

Keep Them Simple

A simple but eye catching layout is more likely to get read by your audience compared to elaborate ones that are difficult on the eyes. Forget about unnecessary additions. Give them a simple layout with all the information they need and receive a positive outcome.

Have It Straight-to-the-Point

Write down what you have to offer and use it as your headline. Keep in mind that your audience may not be interested on your company name at the very start. Don’t use your company name as the flyer heading. Instead, use your product or service as your heading. For example, using “Home Cleaners Alexandra” as your headline is much more effective than using Ace’s Services, Inc. or your company name.

Jot Down Your Contact Details

Do not forget to add the details on how the customers can contact you. Details like company address, phone numbers, contact persons, email addresses, social media pages, and business hours are important. You can also add a small map or directions on how to get there can also help.

Making sure that your flyer distribution method has the above-mentioned elements can guarantee effectiveness.

Nailing Flyer Distribution: How To Do It Effectively

So, you’ve got a nice, fresh flyer idea and want to use it for your latest marketing event. All you need now is an audience — those who will want to receive your flyer and turn these flyers into sales. Before going out and handing these printed matters to everyone, check out these top issues you need to consider when distributing flyers.

Top Issues in Flyer Distribution

Here are some of the top issues that you must never overlook when doing a marketing campaign through Flyer Printing and Distribution Singapore:

Choose how to send your message

Depending on what you’ll promote, your messages may vary from one flyer to another. Generally, flyers are used to announce something. May it be a new product, your latest promo, or an event that you want people to go to.

There are occasions when you can use low-cost marketing like flyers. But are you ready to do this marketing campaign? What messages do you need to disseminate? Before continuing your flyer distribution project, make sure that you are satisfied about every single aspect that involves your flyer. From the layout to the general content, you must be sure about it. Once you have them printed, say, a thousand copies, you need to distribute them or you’ll end up wasting your hard-earned money.

Consider the timing

It is obvious that a flyer is not very durable, as it is only made with paper. Hence, they do not last long, especially when not handled with utmost care. Hanging the flyers outside can make their life shorter, so before tucking them somewhere, make sure to check the local forecast for weather.  If harsh weather is coming, adjust your plans to make sure your flyers won’t get affected and destroyed.

Moreover, when handing out flyers, take into account the occasion or public holidays that you will be competing with. It might be true that many people are on the streets during Halloween or Christmas, but they might not notice your flyers because they are too busy with other thing.

Consider Your Audience

Who is your audience in general? Does your product has a general audience or are you targeting a specific gender, age group, or level of living? Flyering is not just handing the flyers out to people. It is important that you hand the flyers to the right people.

Flyer Distribution: A Traditional Marketing Strategy

Every business, regardless of the industry, needs to come up with an effective marketing strategy. Promoting your products or services recently become more modern, with websites, social media, and modern technology taking the scene away from most traditional marketing methods.

Flyer Distribution:Things To Consider

Nevertheless, Door to Door Flyer Distribution is still one of the best, even if we say that it is old-fashioned, or traditional. Distribution of flyers is still an effective and inexpensive way to promote your business. When done effectively, it will provide maximum response. You can even meet new people along and interact with them, allowing you to talk about your brand and discuss what you have to offer.

Going by your initial research results, you will find it amazing to see varying perceptions involving marketing strategies. You’ll see that there are ways that can be effective and ways that aren’t that efficient, but they generally depend on what you are promoting.

Pointers to Consider in Flyer Marketing

Here are some important events that you might want to consider during flyer distribution:

Potential customers that are too busy to listen to you or too snob to even take a copy of your flyer. Do not force them to take a copy. If they don’t seem interested, say thank you and leave. Sometimes, rubbing your brand on the customer’s face won’t help and can even make your brand look bad.

Many customers still see flyers as a legitimate source of information, particularly on which brand to buy or take for a particular product or service. Remember that this is a very effective strategy, if you only know how to do it properly.

Person to person flyer distribution can garner higher response rates compared to direct mail system. This is because you can have a more direct interaction when you handed the flyers personally.

Flyers are proven effective marketing tools not only in promoting services and products, but also in promoting occasions and public events. It is a great idea that most businesses cannot overlook.