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Flyer printing is probably one of the oldest yet effective tool in marketing and advertising that will be staying for a long period of time even with all the technological advancements we have today. Your business don’t just need presence online, it also needs a voice that can reach out to people at homes who are attracted with color promotional flyers, people walking in downtown area, and those who don’t are not online, and one way to do it is through the use of flyers and implementation of effective flyer distribution campaign.

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Before proceeding with Flyer Printing, You may like to learn about some tips for flyer printing: 

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Best Flyers Printing Services!

An excellent printing company knows how flyer printing should be done. Customers are guided on an effective flyer such as the following:
• An effective business flyer’s content is brief. Just by looking at the size and design of the flyer itself, there is limited space and you don’t want to overwhelm your reader with a lot of details. Content is brief, short, and concise.
• The copy is divided into digestible sections. There are certain sizes of text and fonts that can turn off a reader, most especially the long paragraphs. A white space that’s around a specific design can help in alleviating strain. Business flyers should divide the content into different sections, adding headings to make it more pleasing to the reader’s eyes.
• Bullet points and infographics are a must. Summarizing details using charts and bullet points would make the content more understandable.
• A catchy headline is what your reader can usually see first. Make it interesting in a way that they would want to read more.
• A call to action is also added to the flyer. Why? It’s one of the most important parts of your flyer since it informs your reader of what they need to do next after reading all the details you provided. “Order now” or “Call us” are the most common lines.
• Contact information should also be included. If a printing company forgets about this, better find another one who can do it properly since this is very important. The bottom part of the flyer is the easiest position for readers to find the info.
• Proofreading is a vital step. It’s not just about the right combination of colors and elements. Proofreading is a way to make sure that you put in the right details and avoid problems in the future. Double-check everything! Printing companies would want you to check the details first before they start printing in bulk.
• Know your target market’s language for easier communication.
• The use of compelling testimonials is another thing, most especially when you are promoting your products and services.
• The colors should support the message that you want to relay to your potential customers. There is color psychology in marketing and this is not a new thing. Take advantage of the full-color printing.
• Font choices should not be more than two or three kinds. You don’t want your flyer to look too cluttered, it should be readable even from a short distance.
• The right kind of paper stock is another crucial thing that you need to remember. It should be of good quality and durable enough when being handed out during a flyer distribution campaign. The flyer printing company would give recommendations and packages that is perfect for your marketing plan, design, and budget.
• Aside from the paper thickness, you can also discuss with the printing company about applying paper coatings to ensure that your flyers can last longer. Gloss and matte coatings can add another layer of protection and allows the design to become more vivid.
• Your brand or company logo should be added to the flyer’s design.
• Flyer distribution is also offered in printing companies to help you with your marketing campaign. You need to plan it well with the team wherein the flyers should be distributed in high traffic areas.

Your Powerful Marketing Tool

Flyers are marketing tools, very effective and powerful, no doubt about that. Choosing the right printing company can help you print affordable yet high-quality flyers that can bring your premium clientele. Here some important things that you will want to know.

Premium Paper Stocks

Affordable flyers can use premium paper stocks. People think that quality paper means an expensive flyer, which is not always the case.

Affordable Inks

Quality but affordable inks for flyer printing. The ink quality can either make or break the whole design of a flyer. Choose soy inks since they are more vibrant than the usual petroleum-based inks. Soy inks are also environment-friendly, they lend rich and deep colors to your design too.

Die Cut Option

Compared to other marketing tools, one of the advantages of flyer printing is the die-cut option or to have the flyer fabricated or customized according to your desired shapes. The die-cut flowers have more impact and influence, which usually captures the reader’s eyes. You can shape up your promotional pitch and print affordable flyers at the same time, a perfect way to stay competitive along with the limited budget that you have.

Quantity Counts

Remember, it won’t be cheap if you only ask for a few flyers to print. But, don’t think about this too much. What you need to focus on is the return on investment when it comes to the cost for every customer: How much is the cost to every customer? The more flyers you order for printing, the more affordable the price per piece becomes, and the more affordable your investment will be for each customer. So, when you land a sale, the ROI will be high. For example, you have 2,500 flyers and paid for about $165, which is about 6.5 cents for each flyer. But you can also order 10,000 flyers for 4.3 cents each flyer. If you think about it, those prices are cheap!

How to Choose the Right Kind

Choosing the right kind of paper can be very confusing since there are so many sizes, types, and finishes for flyers out there! Below is a simple list of types, just to give you an idea on the things that you need to take note:

• Grammage – this is the different grades of the thickness or the density of the paper. 135gsm flyer is ideal for advertising and convenient for distribution. 170gsm or also called a business flyer is ideal for tradeshows. 250gsm flyers are commonly used in the retail and hospitality industries. 400gsm flyers are the thickest and are a long-living premium type of flyers.
• Paper finishes – gloss has a shiny finish, while matt makes the content more readable and not being too distracted with shine. The high gloss gives a luxurious look, giving an extremely vibrant visual.

Why Should You Use this Marketing Tool?

Flyer printing is an excellent marketing tool for the following reasons:
• It can effectively reach your target market.
• You can be creative.
• It is something tangible wherein customers can physically hold the flyer.
• You can add incentives to your flyer like coupon codes and vouchers/
• It makes your flyer campaign measurable with the help of coupon codes for you to know if it was a success of a fail.

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